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Record Store Day Drop #2 is July 17th at Paradise Found Records!

Record Store Day Drop #2 is July 17th at Paradise Found Records!

Happy June! Here's hoping you had success find everything on your wish list at 2021's first Record Store Day Drop. The second drop will happen on Saturday, July 17 and will feature just as many coveted, new-to-vinyl releases. Please check our Facebook and Instagram feeds for the most up-to-date info about Record Store Day Drop #2; we will open up early again at 7:00 am for this drop.

Record Store Day

Deadheads can rejoice again thanks to a great Jerry Garcia Band release, but there's also a lot of great music in the world of R&B, folk, soundtracks and more. Here are a handful of releases we're most excited about. To see the complete list, look here or ask to view it at the store (we keep it by the front register). Remember, no holds allowed and everything is first-come, first-serve, so come early to make sure you get what you want (please note that we limit each release to one copy per customer while in stock).


If you like live albums, July's drop will have you salivating. The amazing offerings include Duane Allman's final show with the Allman Brothers Band, a new live Aretha Franklin record from her early seventies resurgence, and--for the first time on vinyl--one of the Jerry Garcia Band's best live records. Oh Boy Records is dropping a previously unreleased John Prine show from 1975, and there are also new live albums from The Ramones and St. Paul and The Broken Bones. Look for:

The Allman Brothers Band -- The Final Note (2LP)

Aretha Franklin -- Oh Me Oh My: Aretha Live in Philly 1972 (2LP)

Jerry Garcia Band -- Jerry Garcia Band (30th Anniversary) (5LP)

John Prine -- Live at the Other End, December 1975 (4LP)

The Ramones -- Triple J Live at the Wireless Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia, July 8, 1980

St. Paul and the Broken Bones -- Half the City Live


Two first-time-on-vinyl soundtracks stand out and are sure to be highly sought-after: the soundtrack to Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind features stellar sounds from famed LA producer Jon Brion and includes Beck's outstanding cover of The Korgis' "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime." The soundtrack to Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou features the eclectic, quirky song choices typical of his films, and is most notable for Brazilian artist Seu Jorge's unique, acoustic-flavored renditions of classic Bowie tracks.

VA -- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2LP)

VA -- The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2LP)


Sandanista, The Clash's 1981 triple-LP, may be overly self-indulgent--the band later admitted they padded things out to fill six sides--but it still contains some of their best music and is more dub-influenced than anything else in their catalog. If Music Could Talk features interviews with bands members about the record interspersed with album tracks, and is new to vinyl. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young recently released a 5-disc, 50th anniversary edition of their last great studio album, Deja Vu. RSD will see them release a collection taken from that box set, Deja Vu Alternates. And it wouldn't be Record Store Day without another in the ongoing series of picture discs from The Cure.

The Clash -- If Music Could Talk (2LP)

Crosby, Still, Nash and Young -- Deja Vu Alternates

The Cure -- Wild Mood Swings (picture disc)


The Foo Fighters just announced Hail Satin, a RSD release with Bee Gees covers on one side and live Foos material on the other being released under the moniker "Dee Gees" (leader Dave Grohl's initials). Dr. John's The Sun, Moon and Herbs is seeing its first vinyl reissue as a three-record set, with tons of previously unreleased outtakes. His fourth effort for Atco, the album highlights his unique swampy bayou rhythms and includes contributions from Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger. The Infamous Stringdusters are renowned for their unique bluegrass covers of popular songs. Undercover includes an eclectic variety, from Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" to Pink Floyd's "Fearless," and is being released on vinyl for the first time. Weird Al has a special 3-inch cover of The Ramones classic "Beat on The Brat" out--you'll need a special turntable to play it--and War, one of the greatest R&B bands of the seventies, is repressing its first five, most popular albums in a box set.

Dee Gees (aka Foo Fighters) -- Hail Satin

Dr. John, The Night Tripper -- The Sun, Moon and Herbs 50th Anniversary Edition (3LP)

Infamous Stringdusters -- Undercover

Weird Al -- Beat On The Brat (3")

War -- The Vinyl: 1971-1975 (includes WAR, All Day Music, The World Is A Ghetto, Deliver The Word, & Why Can’t We Be Friends) 

Stay Tuned

More info coming this spring.